Croeso i Llansteffan

Llansteffan is one of those rare but fast disappearing Welsh villages that remain in your memory for ever. Once you’ve experienced the magical beauty of a sunset over the castle above the River Tywi, and embraced the camaraderie of it’s vibrant community, it becomes very difficult to imagine how on earth, in your long life, you’d ever managed to miss such a priceless gem. But then Llansteffan has been described as Wales’ best kept secret, a sort of Never Never land known only to locals, and the lucky descendants of those generations of Rhondda miners who trekked down west on the train to catch the ferry from Ferryside to Llansteffan for Miners Fortnight during the 19th and early 20th Century.

Well, the miners might have disappeared but the ferry is coming back so the magic of Llansteffan seems still be working to this very day! And if anything, over the years the community has become even more vibrant. Llansteffan, whilst still very Welsh in essence and character, is also very cosmopolitan in outlook, and a hub of social activities of varying intellectual natures! Summer and winter the local community and various clubs and associations are always plotting some wondrous social event or another!

Whether for a weekend or longer, why don’t you make the effort to find that magic and spend some time here. It might be for quiet walks taking in the breathtaking beauty of our headlands and the variety of our wildlife, for a never to be forgotten BBQ on the pristine sands beneath the castle perhaps, or maybe just a general “chilling out” in the convivial village atmosphere. Whatever it may be Llansteffan has something to offer visitors of all ages and all outlooks.

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